Ready to think?

“The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. No book in the world equals the Bible for that.” — Harper Lee

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Souls in Motion: Movement for Meditation

Do you think spirituality is only sitting quietly?

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Small Groups are Big Impact

Participants meet in homes sharing stories, scripture, and prayer.

“We went further as a group than the sum of eleven individuals."


In order to grow,  get small.  Small groups are gatherings small enough to know each other,  to pursue an insight enriched by group dialogue, and to be valued for one’s heart and soul. Twelve offers a variety of small groups, including study, service and fellowship groups.


The small group movement has become a significant feature of American spirituality. Intentionally small, these groups foster authentic fellowship, prayer and spiritual accountability among its members. The Barna Group estimates that 22-24% of all American adults now participate in a home-based religious group.


“Joanne Swenson brought warmth, enthusiasm, knowledge, and a radiant smile to bible study on “The Lord’s Prayer,” “A New Christianity” and “Ruth” — each an enjoyable and educational course. Joanne’s warmth and sincerity brought out participation from each group member.”

How do small groups “gel”?

Great blog post by Heather Caliri, on the unprogrammable miracle when a small group of random folks becomes your spiritual family. . .

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What’s working in Small Group Worship?

We’re hearing from our fellow participants in the Calvin Institute of Worship Small Group Worship Tool Kit project.  Here are some practices that are working in Small Groups. . . Play music for listening or singing. The music enhances the season or lesson topic. ...

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