About 12

What we do. Twelve: A Foundation for Small Group Ministry supports Small Groups in Southwestern Connecticut and New York’s Westchester County, to pursue faith-based fellowship and mission.

Twelve fosters the formation of 12 Groups where participants become spiritual friends, deepen their understanding of God’s Word, experience the Sacred, and grow as followers of Jesus Christ. 12 Groups nurture a deeper experience of life shaped by the teachings of Jesus, who declared that those who followed him would have, “abundant life.” (John 10:10)

Twelve also offers Adult Study. These are groups, open to all, gathered for Scripture and Theological Study. Adult Study is informal, fun, yet challenging. It is distinguished by teaching methods effective for advanced adult learners—collaborative problem solving, where issues of belief and practice are given deep attention. This is a unique teaching method well suited to our Westchester/Fairfield area, with its high concentration of well-educated adults. This creative and critical approach de-emphasizes memorization of data-points or an unreflective acceptance of tradition.

Who participates. Twelve’s participants are lay-people from the Fairfield and Westchester County-areas who are asking more of themselves, their faith and life. This form of Christian engagement is especially suited for those who have entered what Father Richard Rohr calls, “the second half of life.” [Father Richard Rohr, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, 2011, Jossey-Bass] Less a chronological age, it includes those individuals 30-75 years old who have moved past the first-stage duties of establishing identity and defending social boundaries, and who now understand experientially that abundant life includes interdependence, failure and suffering, and participation in the power of a mysterious God.

How we are organized. Recognizing its origins and mission, our organization is named, Twelve: A Foundation for Small Group Ministry. Twelve is a powerful symbol of confidence that God’s transforming power is especially manifest in small groups that covenant to care for each other and together follow Jesus. Twelve is Christian in inspiration, and ecumenical in welcome.

As a nonprofit that accepts tax-deductible donations, we are governed by an Advisory Board.