"It’s a rich and heady mix of enlightenment rarely found under one roof."

Adult Study Groups

“Bible study with Joanne is a unique and pleasant experience. Here’s why: She has the rare skills needed to present biblical texts from many angles: the historical, the exegetical, the scholastic, the theological, the etymological, and the spiritual. There’s also room for participants to share subjective experiences as they relate to the text. And no one angle predominates. While the main focus is primarily on biblical texts, richly considered from many different translations, there is also supplementary commentary on the texts she gathers from secondary sources and presents to the group in a palatable manner. It’s a rich and heady mix of enlightenment rarely found under one roof. There’s more: She has a talent for keeping the group on topic without unduly constricting it. There is a good balance between a structured curriculum and unstructured group participation. It all takes place in a friendly forum that is guided in a spiritually uplifting and intellectually deep manner.  Her skills in this regard differentiate her from other practitioners in the field. You’ll want to return each week for more. I highly recommend bible study with her to you.” —Tim

“Joanne Swenson brought warmth, enthusiasm, knowledge, and a radiant smile to bible study on “The Lord’s Prayer,” “A New Christianity” and “Ruth” — each an enjoyable and educational course. Joanne’s warmth and sincerity brought out participation from each group member. Her approach, that we can all learn from each other, and her listening skills opened new doors and brought collaboration — we went further as a group than the sum of eleven individuals. With Joanne’s guidance, we ended each session sharing our prayer concerns, helping us to know each other better, and to become a true small group. Bible study with Joanne is fun and meaningful.” —Peter H.