“A year has gone by—we have become a close knit group, defined by comfort and loyalty to one another, spiritual underpinnings, and a desire to support and care for each other in a confidential, loving manner."

“After moving to town and attending church for several weeks, I realized that it would take years before I felt accepted and ‘at home’ in that place. Only when Joanne Swenson asked me to join a small group of congregants in her home on a Sunday afternoon did I realize that this could be the answer to my ‘alien’ status.  Several of us decided to continue meeting in each other’s homes every couple of weeks. A year has now gone by and we have become a close knit group, defined by our comfort with and loyalty to one another, our spiritual underpinnings, and our desire to support and care for each other in a confidential and loving manner…truly a breakthrough to my sense of belonging in this community and a great source of comfort.” —Connie 

“As a non-church-goer, I attended my first 12 Group with more than a little reluctance. I discovered—to my amazement—that this is what my church is all about. The Group is spiritual, nurturing, thoughtful, resourceful, philosophical and intelligent. We’ve developed camaraderie and a sense of community I have found lacking in more formal church settings. My 12 Group has become my church community.” —Laura