Living in the Real World: The Book of James

In this five-session study, beginning April 13,  we’ll study the Book of James, one of the most beloved yet controversial books of the New Testament. James compels us to rethink what it means “to believe.”  Is belief having the right ideas inside one’s head?  Or is belief something else?  As we study James, we’ll look at traditional doctrines of salvation, and reconsider their ability to guide our lives.
Each class meets Wednesdays, 12 Noon – 1 PM, beginning April 13 at Lapham Community Center, Waveny Park. Please feel free to bring your lunch to this noon-time session.  All classes are free of charge, and newcomers are always welcome.  
Our study guide is available online.  And please bring your Bibles.


This week, May 18, we read James, Chapter Five.
Preview the study guide for Chapter five.