National Day of Prayer: Small Groups at Prayer, Waveny Mansion

Hundred of prayers, marked with candlelight

We gathered in our candles while singing, "Somebody Prayed for Me, Tonight!"

The Talmadge Hill Singers

Rob Silvan, Musical Director

Jana Lindberg, LDS, leads prayer

Rabbi Daniel Price leads prayer

Shekaibah Bennet, Muslim, leads prayer

Katherine Silvan, Congregationalist, leads prayer

Deacon Bill Santulli, Catholic, leads prayer

Deacon Martzi Eidleberg, Anglican, leads prayer

Rev. Dr. Joanne Swenson welcomes the gathered

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

front door wavenyNew Canaan’s National Day of Prayer was made possible by a generous grant by the Vital Worship program of the Calvin Institute of Worship.  The Vital Grants program is funded by the Lilly Endowment Inc., a private philanthropic foundation based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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