Small Groups

In order to grow,  get small. Small groups are gatherings small enough to know each other, to pursue an insight enriched by group dialogue, and to be valued for one’s heart and soul. Twelve offers a variety of small groups, including study, service and fellowship groups.

Small Groups are Big Impact

A dozen participants meet in homes twice a month, sharing our stories, scripture, and prayer.   Meetings are secure and open-hearted, with members covenanting to practice confidentiality, abstaining from advice-giving, and avoiding comparisons and judgments. What is happening in our lives, and how does scripture illuminate life’s challenges and celebrations: that is our ministry, and we call it, “spiritual friendship.”


A key to success of any Small Group is its leaders. Leaders are trained and mentored by Rev. Dr. Joanne Swenson.  Small Group meetings may touch on profound topics, yet are energizing and conveniently scheduled.

Childcare is arranged for those who need it. Listen to these stories from members of a Small Group. For more information, contact us.

Chuck Knows Small Groups

The United Methodists have a brilliant video about small groups, from their series, “Chuck Knows Church.”  No surprise — their founder, John Wesley, required all his followers to join small groups for spiritual development and mutual accountability.