The Surprising Power of the Outsider

Fred Sievert has been pondering what sparks powerful dialogue about faith.

IMG_8959Speaking to those gathered at Small: The Next Big Thing, Fred recounted experiences in public speaking, teaching, twittering and posting to his website,“God Revealed” moments.  Since retiring as President of New York Life, Fred has energetically pursued a ministry of sharing stories and testimonies from his life and others, where God has revealed His presence in unmistakable ways.

Reflecting on the diversity of these audiences and media, Fred leads us to this insight.  His most effective presentations have been marked by the presence of “outsiders” in the audience…

  • people who have not known each other,
  • who are “outside” of institutional religion,
  • especially people who have been “outside” because of some profound challenge, such as addiction or abuse.
    Yet these outsiders connect with Fred and other audience members, sharing their God Revealed stories in a way that unites the group and makes them all friends.

Could it be that church insiders need the outsider to bring a fresh perspective, to shake up conventions of what’s shared or not, to show God Revealed in new ways to those who are unseeing? When the outsider comes to your small group, be prepared for God Revealed!